Tips for Choosing the Right New Orleans Roofer

I have hired many roofers and other contractors over the years to take care of various rental properties. I want to give a few suggestions and pointers that will help you hire the best roofer for the job. My first suggestion is to hire a local tradesman. Many traveling roofers or contractors may come into town a few months a year and then move on to other places. It is always better to hire a local if you can find one that is available.

There have been times after a storm when we were getting lots of water damage to sheetrock and carpet, and I was more than happy to get anyone who was available at the time. Every case is different, but local roofers with excellent reputations are always a safe bet. Word of mouth is also a good way to find a good roofer, ask some of your friends or co-workers if they have had any experiences with roofers in your area. The next step is to meet with the roofer. If your gut feeling tells you that this is not the right person for the job, trust your feelings. If you find a roofer that you feel is honest and hard working, do some research on the web and see if you can find reviews or blog comments good or bad about the company or worker.

If the roofer checks out, inquire about the manufacturer of roofing materials will be used on the project. Ask about warranties and any details that may concern you about the particular job. Does the roofer need to replace the flashing on the roofing job? Find out all the details so you will know what to expect.

You will also need to see your roofers credentials about Workman’s Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance before they start the job. Never be afraid or intimidated to ask questions; it will help both of you to solve any roofing problems thus saving time and money. As always make sure you and the roofer agree on a time that the job will be started and finished.

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