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If you suspect that you home has foundations problems, some common signs may appear. When sandy and clay soils absorb water, they swell. However, when those soils lose water, they shrink. The majority of foundation problems are the result of continual swelling and shrinking because this is exerting great pressures on your home’s foundation. As the soil moves, it does not move in a uniform manner and causes shifting in the soil which can seriously impact the integrity of your home. Another situation that results in problems is poor compaction of the soil prior to building.

Plumbing leaks under the slab can create numerous problems. On the exterior of the home, stress cracks may appear in the mortar or the brick veneer as a sign of foundation problems. You may notice that the windows and frames are broken or warped.
  All these issues are the result of foundation problems.

Normal foundation settling occurs with little notice to the homeowner; but if any of the above problems are noted, it is advisable to contact Al Sanchez for a free estimate and a thorough evaluation of the foundation problem to determine the best course of action to repair the foundation problem to create a safe environment for your family. His company is the top foundation repair company.

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