Did you know that you can see some really cool CGI and animated animals at some zoos.

Many zoos have animated films to help show you and teach you about animals that may not be around any more. Some use this to show you about dinosaurs or extinct animals.

It is a really amazing thing to watch because you will get to see what life was like for them in a pretty realistic way.

If you are heading to the zoo soon you should check out the zoo you are going to to see if they offer anything like this.  Since I live close to Dallas I think the Dallas zoo has quite a few cool educational things.

If you are thinking that the zoo is just too expensive to go to then you should look into getting a coupon for the zoo or see if there is a discount coming up in the future.  This will allow you to get into the zoo and see what is there for cheaper.

Zoos are pretty amazing places to visit, even if they do no have CGI. The Dallas zoo is huge and has thousands of animals that you can look at and take pictures of.

It is pretty awesome if you are traveling to Dallas to check out the zoo.  You won’t regret it.

And remember to see if they have any CGI videos!


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Question by G: any advice on how to go about seeing cgi animals at the zoo?

Answer: If you head to a florida zoo like the Jacksonville Zoo or Palm Beach Zoo be sure the watch some of their videos, and after you have visited the zoo be sure to check out Disney World and Universal Studios. That is where you can experience some incredible CGI animals that are sure to blow your mind.

If you know of more places, answer below.


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